Speaker Bios

 Sofia Papagiannaki has studied Computer Science in University of Crete and works as software developer. Since 2006 participates in the free social center Nosotros in Exarchia, Athens. She has been in the editing team of Anti-authoritarian newspaper/magazine Babylonia and among the organizers of B-Fest, the festival organized by Babylonia newspaper in 2009, 2010 and 2011. She is active in Anti-authoritarian movement and several other initiatives specialized in ecological issues, such as committee of solidarity to Chalkidiki (against the mines of gold) and initiative for the waste management in Attiki.
Vangelis Nanos studied Music Technology and Acoustics at the Technological, Educational Institute of Crete. He participated in student movements from 1995 to 1999 (school occupations against school reform). At university Vangelis was active in the General University Assembly which, at this time, was established as the only student institution by abolishing the previous administrative council which consisted of political parties. Vangelis has also participated in an occupied self-managed space in Rethymno (Crete), the pirate radio station 91.1 FM, the Antiauthoritarian Movement of Rethymno, the magazine Toxicub, the newspaper Babylonia, solidarity movement with the Zapatistas (one school for Chiapas) and the anti-globalization movement. He was active in the university occupation movement of 2006 to 2007, the Law School occupation during the December 2008 uprising, solidarity with the hunger strike of the 300 immigrants in 2011, and the Syntagma square movement.
Vangelis is currently active in the free social center Nosotros, in Athens, the Antiauthoritarian Movement of Athens, the pirate radio station Entasi FM, the B-Fest festival, the occupation of the Botanical Garden in Petroupoli and the antifascist struggle (patrols).
Thanasis Xirotsopanos is an activist involved in the anarchist movement since early 90’s. He participated in the squat community, the anti-globalization movement and social struggle concerning ecology, immigrants and free social spaces. He is an active member of Anti-authoritarian Movement and it’s structures since the beginning. (Nosotros, Babylonia newspaper, Antifa actions, B-Festival, etc.)
Pavlos was born and raised in Athens Greece.  He has remained very involved with the struggles in his home country, especifically with the magazine Eutopia (http://www.eutopia.gr), the greek group of libertarian communists (http://eleftheriakoi.blogspot.gr) and the Steki of Pikrodafni (http://steki-pikrodafni.gr). He was also very supportive of the Liberated City Hall of Aghios Dimitrios during the uprising of 2008-2009 (http://katadimadimen.blogspot.com) and the ongoing open popular assembly of Aghios Dimitrios that evolved out of the liberation of the city hall.  He currently resides in Littleton CO

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